The Best Exercises to Lose Weight

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A weight loss program must be something that you really need mainly if you want to transform your plus size body to be more proportional. It can really provide you the perfect guidance to hit your goal safely and optimally.

Well, this particular program can work more excellently on you as long as you complement it with the best exercises. So, you will find that you have a healthier life to live for sure.

Yet, do you know what the best exercise that can really help you to lose your extra weight? In case you are so willing to figure them out, you better continue reading below.


One of the best exercises that you have to do when you are living a weight loss program is running.

This kind of physical exercise, which you can do for about at least 20 to 30 minutes every day, will definitely burn your fats and calories so well because it requires all parts of your body to move intensively.

Not only that, but it can also help you to have healthier hips, back, and knees. Well, in this case, it is so much more recommended for you to run outside instead of using the treadmill.

By doing so, you will use more muscles especially if you do the uphill running.
In addition to this, you can also join so many running events in many different countries in the world, so that you can get a nice opportunity to explore a new place as well.


Moreover, the other exercises that you can do to support your weight loss program is deadlift. This specific exercise will really help you to maintain the muscles of your lower body parts such as thighs, bottoms, legs, and so on.

In this phase, you can use the right barbells which are available for you in various sizes and weights. However, you have to make sure that you do it based on the instructions and control of your personal trainer.

You have to do it in order to prevent any injuries or unexpected things that might happen. In addition, if you are still a beginner, you better do the small steps first, and then get more intensive as the time goes.

Push Ups

Furthermore, the next exercises that you cannot miss when living a weight loss program is push-ups. This nice exercise will really burn your calories and also engages your legs and core.

Basically, there are two different styles of push-ups that you can do, which are push-ups from your feet and push-ups from your knees.

Both of them will definitely be the awesome activities that increase your strength and transform your body so greatly.

Then, in the beginning phase, it will be good for you to do the exercises in a more effortless way.

Simply, you can try to push-ups off the wall or table and make fewer moves in order to gain your strength first.

As you get stronger, you can increase the intensity of your exercise by using the objects that are closer to the ground or even push yourself off the floor.

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