Smith Machine Calf Raise Exercise

Smith Machine Calf Raise
Targeted Muscle: Legs - Calves
Equipment: Machine

How to do Smith Machine Calf Raise properly:

  1. Use a Smith Machine and put a block or weight plate below the bar. Set the bar based on the position that matches your height.

    When it is ready, use the ball of your feet to step onto the block. Move the bar on the back of your shoulders.

  2. Use both of your hands facing forward and grab the bar. Unrack the bar by rotating it. You are ready to do Smith Machine Calf Raise.

  3. Push off the ball of your feet to raise your heels while exhaling. Do it as high as you can to achieve the calf at top of the contraction.

    Make sure that your knees are extended. Keep the contraction position for a few seconds. Go back down to the normal position.

  4. Move your heels down to go back to the first position. Inhale while doing this step.

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