Reverse Crunch Exercise

Reverse Crunch
Targeted Muscle: Abdominals
Equipment: Body Only

How to do Reverse Crunch properly:

  1. Start the workout by laying down on the floor. Make sure that your legs are extended maximally. Place your arms to the side part of your body (the torso).

    The palms have to be on the floor. Keep your arms motionless from the beginning to the end of the workout.

  2. Pull your legs up to make your thighs perpendicular to the floor.

    The position of your feet has to be close together and parallel to the floor. This is the position where you start to do a reverse crunch.

  3. Inhale while moving your legs toward the torso and rolling your pelvis backward.

    You also have to raise your hips off so it doesn’t touch the floor. Continue the movement until your knees almost touch your chest.

  4. Hold the contraction position for a few seconds. Go back to the first position by moving your legs. Exhale while doing this step.

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