Cable Tricep Pushdown Exercise

Cable Tricep Pushdown
Targeted Muscle: Triceps
Equipment: Cable

How to do Cable Tricep Pushdown properly:

  1. Use a high pulley with a straight or angled V-bar. Grab the bar with palms facing down or an overhand grip at shoulder-width.

  2. Standing and keep your torso straight with small inclination forward. The position of the upper arms close to your body.

    The position of the forearms is facing towards the pulley. Hold the bar with your forearms and it becomes the starting position before going to the next steps.

  3. Touch the front of your thighs by moving the bar down. Use your triceps muscle to do it. Make sure that your arms are extended and perpendicular to the floor.

    Keep your upper arms stationary and place them beside your torso. You only have to use the forearms to do this step. Exhale while doing this step.

  4. Hold the contracted position for a few seconds. Go back to the first position by moving the bar up slowly. Inhale when you are doing this step.

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