Bench Dips Exercise

Bench Dips
Targeted Muscle: Triceps
Equipment: None - Body Only

How to do Bench Dips properly:

  1. Place a flat bench behind your back. Make sure that the position of the bench is perpendicular to your body.

    Hold on to the edge of the bench while looking away from it. Make sure that your hands are extended along with separated at shoulder-width.

    Move your legs extended forward. Slightly bend until the waist. The position has to be perpendicular to your torso.

  2. Inhale and bend at the elbows slowly to lower your body.

    You have to bend as far as you can from your first position and create smaller than 90-degree angle between your upper arm and the forearm. Do it slowly.

    It is better to place the elbows as close as possible while doing bench dips. Make sure that your forearms always facing down.

  3. Bring your torso up by using your triceps to go back to the first position by lifting yourself.

For more higher level, it is great to use another flat bench in front of you. Put your legs on the flat bench.

You can also ask your friend to put plates on top of your lap. Your friend has a responsibility to make sure that the plates are on top of your lap during the workout.



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