Barbell Lunges Exercise

Barbell Lunges
Targeted Muscle: Legs
Equipment: Barbell

How to do Barbell Lunges properly:

  1. For safety purposes, Barbell Lunges is better to be performed with the squat rack. Before doing the exercise, set the bar on a rack slightly below the level of your shoulder.

    When you finish to set the right height and load the bar, the next thing to do is to step below the bar to get your back shoulders across the bar.

  2. Later, use your arms to hold on the bar at each side and lift the bar off the rack.

    You can do this by pushing with your legs first and straightening your torso. It is suggested that you do them at the same time.

  3. Step away from the rack. Step forward then squat down through the hips. At this time, keep the torso upright and keep the balance, too.

    Inhale when you are going down. Remember: never let your knee to move forward more than your toes to avoid the undue stress on your knee joint.

  4. While you exhale, use your heel and push up as well as go back to the starting position.

  5. Repeat the movement based on the suggested repetitions. Do the repetitions with the right leg and left by turns.

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