12 Biceps Exercises for Women to Get Slim and Toned Arms

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Perform these Bicep Exercises will help you to get rid of flabby arms that can make your sleeveless dress look awful.

With biceps exercises, it will make your arms shaped, toned, look bigger and visually upper body broader.

In extra, with Bicep Exercises you will look stunning when you wear sleeveless and sleeved wear.

Get far away from thinking that bicep exercises is purposed for men only. Women also can get benefit from doing Bicep Exercises.

Here are Bicep Exercises that will make your biceps look slim and toned arms.


1. Bicep curls

Bicep curls workout is a basic movement for you when you are considering for toning your arms.

Bicep curls work in the bicep muscles in the lower arm and upper arm.

When performing bicep curls you are build strength and also learn how to use the arm muscles properly.

There are many variations of bicep curls that you can add to this basic curls movement.

How to do it:

Hold dumbbells on each side. Position your body to stand tall with your feet wide as same as hip.

Keep the elbows near to the body and position the palms to face forward.

Next, without movement, the upper arms, exhale, bend your elbows and bring the weight on your palms close to the shoulder.

Inhale and lower the forearms in slow motion to back to starting position.

Make repeat for this movement 4 times with 1 set of 10 reps. Take a break 1 minute after each set.

When master bicep curls, you can make your movement harder by using more heavyweight, slow the lifting tempo, and also perform the dumbbell single-arm curls.

2. Hammer curls

Hammer curls exercise is a type of movement variation from basic bicep curls.

Hammer curls will help in developing the bicep peaks.

Hammer curl increases your bicep size and strength, increase wrist stability, and also improve your grip strength.

How to do it:

Stand well and grasp your dumbbell with neutral; grip. Keep your chest up and the shoulder positioned pull back.

Ensure your elbows position is lined up straight with shoulder joint or slightly positioned in front.

As your shoulders are set, then squeeze the dumbbell handle and maintain the wrist rigidity without any extension or flexion and try to focus as strict as with your elbow flexion.

Lift your dumbbell paralleled, most of the gymers come with thumb in shoulder height position.

Avoid lifting your dumbbell too high.

Once you reach the hammer curl top position, flex your biceps and squeeze handle and elicit the muscle contraction in forearms.

While keeping your elbow position under shoulder, return your dumbbell to the starting position with slow and control.

3. Supinated dumbbell bicep curls

Supination dumbbell bicep curls are a great movement to add in your standard bicep curls dumbbell exercises.

Supinated dumbbell bicep curls are effective for targeting all fibers in biceps muscles.

How to do it:

You can perform supinated bicep curls by sitting with the back position in a straight line or against the backrest or by standing up.

However, always maintain upright body posture with feet in hip-width distance and planted smoothly.

Hold the dumbbell at both of your sides with the position of your palms is facing inward.

Raise your forearm and slowly rotate the wrist so when your dumbbell reaches the top movement (usually at chest level), your palms will face the chest.

Perform the motion at the reverse side and repeat.


You also can do both arms at once or rotate your arms depend on your gym level.

To perform supinated bicep curls properly, avoid locking the knees or aching to your back.

To keep your stability, keep your body in stationary with the forearms exceptions.

If you are intermediate gymers, do 3 sets of 10 reps of supinated bicep curls and take a rest 30 seconds between sets.

4. Standing concentration bicep curls

The standing concentration bicep curls are exercised work to the target muscles and other muscles include hips, legs, and back.

When you do lift weighting withstanding, the abdomen muscles and back will work hard for keeping the torso upright under to the weight that you added into the exercise.

How to do it:

Put a dumbbell in hand sides where you work on and lean forward.

Move to the starting position by allowing the working arm straight in line to the ground with the elbow pointing out.

Flexure your elbow for curls the weight but stay keep your upper arm in a stationary position.

At the peak of repetition, flex the bicep and stop. Lower the dumbbell back into your starting position.

Repeat the standing concentration bicep curls movement into repetitions you desire.

5. Sitting concentration dumbbell bicep curls

Different from standard curls, the dumbbell concentration bicep curls will allow you to focus on contracting your biceps muscles without use body momentum.

This movement will maximize the tension placed on your muscle.

The stationary position while you are standing allows you for performing more control for the movement.

How to do it:

Sit in a chair and let the feet flat with your knees are wide distance and dumbbell held in the right hand.

Bend your body forward and brace the back of the right elbow against the inside of the right knee side.

In this position, your right arm is hanging straight down and the right palm is facing to the left leg.

Maintain your upper body position and move your elbow against your knee.

Curl the weight to your shoulder with the position of your palm is facing upward.

Pause for a few seconds and then make a reverse movement back to the initial position. Perform the reps and switch the other sides.

6. Preacher bicep curls

What makes preacher bicep curls effective for your bicep curls exercise?

When you do preacher bicep curls, your arms will move into the front of your body. This will be a good move to build your inner bicep.

How to do it:

To perform preacher dumbbell curl you may need preacher bench as well as E-Z bar. Grab your E-Z curl bar in the close inner handle.

Your palms hand should face forward and should slightly inwards because of the bar shape.

Position the upper arms against the pad of the preacher bench and position the chest against it.

Hold the E-Z curl bar in shoulder length. This is the initial starting movement.

Inhale breath and slowly lowered the bar until you feel the upper arm is extended and the bicep becomes stretched fully.


As you exhale your breath use the bicep for curl the weight up until you feel your biceps are contracted fully and the E-Z bar is positioned in shoulder height.

Squeeze your bicep hard and pause at this position for a second. Repeat the movement according to the repetitions you need.

7. Kneeling single arm curls

For you who do not have enough time to join the gym, you can do these kneeling single-arm curls at home.

This biceps curls workout is slightly similar to hammer curls.

How to do it:

Put your body in kneeling position. Ensure your back position is straight and the toes are pointing outward.

Hold a dumbbell with desired weight as your fitness level with your elbows position near to body and palm facing in.

Exhale and bend your elbow and up the right arms till the dumbbell are the same level height with shoulders. Hold the position in 1-2 seconds.

Inhale and lower forearm in slow motion and bring to the initial starting point. Repeat the movement with the left arm.

8. Split jack curls

This is another variation from hammer curls. This exercise will target effectively on your biceps, quadriceps, and also your glutes.

How to do it:

Stands straight with the position of your feet with hip-width apart and the elbow close to the body.

Hold a dumbbell on each side with the palms position are facing in.

Exhale and move the right leg come forward ( this is such as you perform forward lunges), bend the left knee and kneel.

As you move, flex both elbows and move your dumbbell to the shoulder height.

Inhale and lift torso as well to support your left leg and turn back right leg to the initial position.

As you move the inhale step, lowering arms and turn them back to the initial position.

Repeat steps and put the right and left legs alternating forward. Perform this exercise 2 sets with 10 reps.

9. Squat concentration curls

As the name called, the squat concentration curls is an exercise while you perform the concentration curls you also perform the squat position.

This is bicep curls exercise that effective to target your bicep, hamstring, and the inner thigh.

This means you do not only build strong arms but also strength on your lower core.

How to do it:

Stand tall with the feet position in shoulder-width apart and the palms position faces in.

Hold a dumbbell with desired weight in both of your hand’s sides and position your elbows close to the body.

Exhale and bend the knees and make squats position until the thighs are parallel to the ground.

As you do the movement, bend both of the elbow and press against the inner thighs.

Move the hands to the shoulder and pause the position for 10-15 seconds as you can.

Repeat the movement 4 times with each set is 5 reps and take 1 minute for break each 1 set.

10. Zottman curls

Zottman curls are effective to build your bicep strengths and arms.

Zottman exercise is also perfect movement in an early workout to bring the blood flow into your arms and will warm up your elbow flexor.


Either way, you also can perform this exercise as finish high rep exercise at the end of your workout session for massive pump blood.

How to do it:

Stand straight with the position of your feet are width apart with the hip.

Hold the dumbbell with the desired weight in each hand and the elbow close to the body with palms position is facing out.

Exhale and bend your elbows, bring both forearms until it reaches the shoulder height.

Rotate the wrist to 180 degrees so the palms are facing out.

Inhale and slowly lower your forearms and back to the initial position.

Zottman curls are effective to do in certain sets and repetitions that recommended for gaining the purposes.

Do Zottman curls 5-8 sets with 8-10 reps and rest 30 seconds after 2 sets.

11. Plank with biceps curls

How to do it:

Hold a dumbbell in each side of your hands and assume you are in plank position; the push-up position actually with the palms are facing each other.

Spread the feed-in slightly distance. Ensure to position your body straight line with head to ankles.

Now, lift your right hand with a dumbbell from the floor slightly and curl it toward the right shoulder.

Remember; try to not move the upper arm. Lower the dumbbell and repeat with another sidearm.

12. Frogger with biceps curls

This is the effective bicep curls exercise that will strengthen your arms and also the core. This will also train your leg as well.

How to do it:

On a squat position, hold a dumbbell in each hand and then make a plank position. Extend your arms and position it under your shoulders.

Use the core for stabilizing the body and make a jump forward until the feet are next to the dumbbell.

Turn back to the squat position again and with the elbows inside to the inner thighs.

Flex your elbows slowly and get dumbbells comes toward the shoulder.

Lower and turn back as close to the ground and jump the feet back into the initial position. This is count as 1 rep.

Perform those Bicep Exercises as part of your routine exercise and you will get many benefits.

Those benefits include stronger bones development, avoid fatigue when doing exercise, increase your performance include endurance and stamina, and helping in reducing injuries.

Remember, when doing bicep exercises always consider healthy eating by avoiding junk food, high sugar foods, and you will not need to hide your arms anymore.

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