9 Best Ab Exercises to Get a Six-Pack and Myths to Ignore

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Adding some ab exercises to your workout routines is necessary and essential especially if you love to own a flat belly or six-pack abs.

As we all know and agree, having a six-pack would take more than just endless crunches.

You might need to skip crunches and alter it with something more promising.

Other than supporting your motivation to wear a tight t-shirt and a chiseled torso, ab is one of the most important muscles in our body.

Eliminating back pain and maintaining a good posture could be helped by having a strong core and doing the right ab exercises.

Long story short, this muscle group would help you to be injury-free even after a core day.

Strong midsection muscles will also affect your exercise routines across the week.

It helps you to add the numbers during the training.

Bench presses, deadlifts, overhead work, squats, and other compound moves require excellent core stability to lift bigger while staying away from injury.

So, what we say is that your abs deserve as much attention and time as any other muscle group existed in your body.

Doing the right ab exercises would help to reach your dream abs and keep your body fit.

Please keep in mind that this thing does not happen overnight.

Why Do We Need Ab Exercises?

There are tons of benefits you will get by training your abs and getting those six-pack abs.

The first thing you would notice is that this will be a huge help for your core training.

Whether you choose to run 5K every weekend, a fan of CrossFit, or just want to get a stronger body, training your abs is kind of the smoother.

Beating back pains

According to data from the Office for National Statistics in 2016, almost 31 million workdays were missed in the UK due to back pain and other musculoskeletal issues.

Treatments and attributable expenses estimated at more than LBS 12 billion a year. The solutions are significantly cheaper.

People need to do a core-focused training regime to stay away from back pain.

Side planks are one of the best moves that solve this problem. Side plans are more beneficial compared to crunches and sit-ups.

Personal bests’ hitter

If you cannot continue doing big lifts, it might be due to a weaker core and lack of accessory work.

You need a strong midsection exercise to establish a sturdier foundation. It is helped by some compound moves.

The result is that you can lift bigger with more reps and generate more force.

Improving posture

Core training helps you to stand up straight.


According to studies, individuals who took about three hours of pilates sessions would see improvements during postural stability exercises and tests.

Balancing your body

Another benefit of hitting the right exercises for your abs will help to keep your balance.

Your torso would stay in its stable position regardless of what you are doing.

On the other hand, it is good for your training and daily movements.

Dominating at your sport

Having a strong core will transfer the power to your limbs optimally.

As a result, you will be able to punch harder, send a ball with more force, and drive longer.

Generally, it makes you better at any type of sport you are in.

Myths to Ignore to Get a Six-Pack

Unfortunately, there are rumors and myths about six-pack abs that turn wrong circulated out there.

And if it keeps you away from doing the right ab exercises, it also means that you are getting farther and farther from getting those awesome abs.

This section will help you to understand myths to ignore and why you should ignore them in the first place.

#1 Cutting out carbs

The first myth is that you need to cut out your carb intake.

Essentially, there are different types of carbs and not all of them should be avoided at all.

According to a study published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, carbs found in peas and potatoes could help you to burn 23 percent or more of fat during a workout session.

The carbs called “resistance starch” are digested in the large intestines and it supports the friendly bacteria in your gut.

Instantly, it boosts your metabolism as well.

However, you need to cut out your sugar consumption considering it could slow down the process to reach the six-pack abs.

#2 Specific ab workouts are needed

Of course, there are several different muscle groups in your body.

However, you will not get a six-pack even though you have added 200 sit-ups in your daily workout.

It takes a total body workout to get a better yet faster result when it comes to abs forming exercises.

You just need to melt your fat and your six-pack abs would simply appear.

#3 Steady-state cardio

Many people prefer to sit on the exercise bike at 6 in the morning to finish their cardio workout.

However, it is not how it works to get a beautifully sculpted six-pack.

It takes diets and solid training sessions that are not just for cardio.

#4 Bodyweight move alone is the best for six-pack abs

As we have mentioned earlier, it takes a series of ab exercises to get a six-pack looking.

Bodyweight moves could be included on your list but it will not work if you do not combine it with other exercises.

Also, you need twice of your weight for bench presses.

#5 Resting weakens your abs

You should get it straight. Your body needs to recover after a long day of training sessions.

A lack of sleep will jeopardize the result of getting a six-pack ab.

What we say here is that you need to rest your muscles so it could build itself properly.

On the other hand, you will get the abs faster and better.


10 Best Exercises for Abs

#1 Barbell floor wiper

This exercise requires a barbell in the first place. You need to lie on the floor with your back flat.

Your arms should be extended to hold the barbell right above your chest.

Keep your arms completely straight your legs until it makes an L-shaped position.

Put down your legs to each side and back it up without putting it on the floor. This movement will force your abs to hold.

#2 Medicine ball slam

You need to bring a ball for this exercise.

You need to stand up and your knees should be slightly bent lift the ball over your head directly.

Make sure your arms are extended.

Rise of our feet while holding the ball up and put more core muscles to throw the ball.

Slam the ball as hard as you can to the ground while you bend your body forward right at the waist.

Catch the ball and repeat the movement. This thing will train your abs and improve your shoulder at the same time.

#3 Side jack-knife

To do this exercise, you need to lie on your side.

Extend your left arm out on the floor and put your right arm on your head while you bent your elbow.

This position takes the left leg on top of the right one. As you raise your body, bring the right elbow to the left leg.

After that, lower down slowly before you swap side after reps and combine it with other ab exercises.

#4 Dragon flag

You need to do it with a bench. While you laying back on the bench, put your hands on the bench and hold it right behind your head.

Bring up your knees until your chest and kick out to the ceiling. Raise your body with your shoulders on the bench.

Keep the body straight when you move down slowly. It might give you a burning sensation in your abs and lower back at the same time.

#5 Cable woodchopper

It requires a cable machine to do this movement.

After you set the cable machine to its highest level, stand at the side of the weight with your back.

Grab the handle with your hands and take one step backward from the tower while you set your feet apart as your shoulder width.

Fully extend your arms and pull down the handle and across your body. You should also rotate your torso.

As a closing, bend your knees and pivot the back feet while slowly return to the initial position. Swap the sides after a set.

#6 Cocoon

This exercise requires you to lie flat on your back. Extend your arms behind your head and put your feet slightly off the ground.

Pull your knees to your chest and lift your backside as well as your arms over your head.

It is like you are doing crunches but with more hold on your abs.

#7 Sit-ups with sandbag

As its name suggests, it requires a sandbag or similar items.

Lie on the ground with your back and bent your knees upwards.

Hold a sandbag right above your body by using your both arms.

Extend your arms fully and crunch forwards while you give tenses to your core. Your body will make a V shape with your thighs.

Lower down your body carefully and repeat until you finish reps.


#8 Hanging leg raise

Take a pull-up bar and make a V shape with your arms. Lower yourself into the hang.

Put your feet and raise the legs altogether until it makes a perpendicular shape with your torso.

However, you need to keep them straight. Lower back your body until it reaches the initial position slowly.

#9 Superman with a twist

You will make a move like a superman. You need to lie on your stomach on the ground and put your hands beside your head.

Pull up your torso and twist your chest from one to another side.

This exercise targets your abs while keeping your back away from pain and injury.

Other Things for Your Abs

You can include some other exercises to boost your abs. Planks are one of the must-do exercises for abs.

Even though it looks simple and easy, it is not as simple and easy as it sounds.

When you do planking, make sure you have squeezed your entire body as tight as possible while you breathe out during the hold.

Dead bug movement is also popular. If you do this exercise, make sure that your lower back does not lose in contact with the floor.

Also, maintain your breathings as normal and regular as possible.

Dead bug exercise helps to make good coordination which could improve the function of your cognitive too.

If you are a dumbbell doer, you can try dumbbell side bent as well.

Dumbell side bent is one of the ab exercises that will give you the burning sensation along the process.

However, you need to make sure that you have picked the right weight.

Choosing the right weight will maintain your focus on forming your six-pack.

Also, the tempo should be slow and nice considering you should feel the burn.

Of course, you can add the number and weight after three weeks.

From all ab exercises we have stated above, it will not work optimally if you do not watch your diet.

Other than that, it takes time to make it appears sturdily on your body.

Besides, it has something to do with making your core stronger and gives you better power.

Please keep in mind that anything you do with your body would affect it.

Maintaining your night sleep will hugely help you to reach your dream of getting a beautifully sculpted six-pack ab.

So not forget to give some rest between days. It helps your body to build and recover even faster after a series of ab exercises circuits.

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